Creation Scan

“We are all energetic beings sending vibrational signals and everything is responding to our point of attraction. When we become more aware of this, we can consciously play with the energetic laws of attraction.” 

A Creation Scan helps crystallise your intention, focus and action, to streamline the proces from initial idea to reality. For any idea to materialise successfully, it is important to align the energy of an idea with a clear intention, focus, and action. It is important to know: What intention really fits with you? What does that feel and look like? What convictions do you consciously and unconsciously focus on? And what are your actions? In a creation scan I will talk with you about your project/wish and give insight on what is in alignment and what is not. This will support you in staying attuned with yourself and your intention, and energise the manifestation.

When you submit an email with your request, I will send you the price categories. Sessions are done in Amsterdam in Dutch and English or around the world through Zoom. Please fill out the form below and we will get back to you. 



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