Q: When do you recommend a company scan?

A: When you want to shift certain company dynamics, which effect the productivity and health/enjoyment of the company and staff.

Q. What are the prices?

A: There are different rates for different consultations. When you send me an email with your request, I will send you an email with the price categories.

Q: What kind of questions can I ask?

A: For a Company scan you can ask any question really. You can try any question and we can see what happens. “..Why is the deal going so slow, what is the dynamic between these two departments, does she fit the profile, why does this keep occurring..”

A: For a Personal Scan, I wil ask you questions 🙂

Q: How long does it take?

A:  For a Company Scan:  An hour is mostly sufficient. But when a company is in transition or in progress it can help to work together more then once.

A: For A Personal Scan it can be between 30 min till and 1.30 min.

Q: Where does it take place? 

A: It can be done via Zoom/Skype or in my practice in Amsterdam. 

Q: What is the difference with an other consultancy agency?

A: For a Company Scan: While a ‘traditional’ consultant would analyse with available data for patterns and build solutions around that, the unseen energetic blockages at the root can create an other problem. Combining an ‘energy analysis scan’ with an ‘analytical survey’ can form a basis for real insight and lasting transformation.

Q: Who else do you work with?

A: Energy Analysis works with coaches, practitioners and consultants who have specialised in their own field. When the analysis is done and you have new knowledge, it can be advised to receive support from an other specialist to support on a specific topic. When you are interested, a referral can be made, which fits best with you.