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“Emotions give feedback on how our inner world is interacting with the outer world. By understanding this, we learn to communicate with our deepest self and we can align our belief system to who we really are.”

A Personal Scan helps you to uncover your current process and realigns you with yourself. Emotions are energetic signals and they tell us if what we communicate to ourselves and how we live our life, is in alignment with who we really are or not. They give feedback on what our inner world needs. When we ignore these signals we will start to feel dis-ease; emotionally and/or physically. In a personal session, I will act as a translator of your inner world and help make conscious, what your natural development has already put in motion. This will support you in your current process and will give you insight on how the emotional navigation system guides you, in creating a life that is in tune with who you really are.

I’m a certified EmotionCoach and am a part of the Emotie Expertise Centrum.

Sessions are done in Dutch and English and can be done in Amsterdam or around the world through Zoom. Please fill out the form below and I will get back to you. 


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